Jet Clouding 14.60 includes all the improvements and fixes released in previous versions
Folder: new settings to add text color, background color, background image and title suffix. These settings can be modified in AdminTool > Applications > Desktop Folder and clicking on the “Edit” button.
RemoteApp Client: Added an advanced setting in the AdminTool to disable RemoteApp Client auto update
(2021/03/11) WebPortal: new settings added to configure password expiration alert and display a reset password button in Active Directory environment

Web Server: fixed cypherlist and secured protocol were not refreshed when changed in AdminTool and required web server restart
Free Certificate Manager: fixed certificate was not applied when created/renewed and required web server restart
License: fixed System.ArgumentException: license does not contain data for model
AdminTool: backup and restore command lines do not display message box anymore when run in non-interactive mode
RemoteApp: Fixed automatic update not starting setup
WebMaster Toolkit: fixed visual bug: “play sounds” checkbox disappearing
UrlOnClient: fixed issue when URL contained backslash
FloatingPanel & ApplicationPanel: fixed Snipping tool not working when assigned and used from the panel
HTML5: fixed “\\tsclient\WebFile is not accessible” error during upload
WebPortal: fixed “invalid credentials” error when domain was empty
WebPortal: fixed unexpected “invalid credentials” message displayed
(2021/03/04) Universal Printer: fixed Universal Printer settings were always reset when AdminTool is started
(2021/03/04) Folder: fixed Desktop folder application not editable in AdminTool
(2021/03/04) 2FA: fixed number of digits not enforced when login
(2021/03/04) RemoteAPP: fixed increase number of supported screens from 3 to 5
(2021/03/04) WebApp: fixed application opening in a new browser tab when using application portal
(2021/03/05) WebPortal: fixed login was not possible from an older version
(2021/03/05) License: fixed a maximum of 49 users were allowed to connect for licenses with unlimited users
(2021/03/11) WebServer: fixed command line parameter silent error with Java 15