Jet Clouding real alternative RDS/TSE and Citrix adapts to all types of configurations, from simple home PC to the most extensive networks composed of multiple servers and workstations. Whatever the configuration, the solution is Jet Clouding cloud coverage at extremely competitive cost.

The huge commercial success Jet Clouding, both public and enterprise level-large or small-government, local authorities and other organizations, demonstrates the relevance of the solution in terms of quality of efficiency and price.

An important part of this success is achieved through our network of partners who enjoy the benefits of daily Jetclouding and their relationship with us.

JET CLOUDING  benefits for our clients

  • Prioritized technical assistance, 7 days 7, available and effective
  • Ease of installation, product stability and effectiveness, and ease of use for the customer, make your job easier
  • Jetclouding is offered at a highly competitive price
  • Growing presence in the press Jetclouding rapidly growing reputation.

Benefits for you

  • No minimum sales quotas or required
  • A very interesting discount level
  • Full cooperation with our professionnal team, whether commercially and technically in the context of a genuine partnership based on trust and efficiency.

All these reasons explain the exponential increase in the number of Jet Clouding partners/distributors.

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