You can connect to your Jetclouding server from any mobile device supporting the HTML5 technology, such as: an iPhone an iPad an Android smartphone an […]

Overview The RDP protocol does not allow to resize while connected without a reconnection. Please note that you will get the best experience possible from […]

HTML5 Client: Using Clipboard

February 28, 2014 fabien

Most browsers except older MSIE browsers do not support the direct clipboard reading and writing due to security reasons. To copy the text from session […]

HTML5 Client: Using File Transfer

February 27, 2014 fabien

Use the menu for file transfer. Unlike real RDP session the browsers do not allow to access the hard drives directly, the file transfer is […]

Using screen area: Easy touch on screen = mouse move to touched position and left mouse click Fast double tap on screen = mouse move […]

The common screen resolution by most devices, especially mobile phones is 320×480, but evidently that is not sufficient for creating the RDP session. Therefore the […]

HTML5 Client: Supported Browsers

February 24, 2014 fabien

If your browser shows red warning on start by using HTML5 client It means that your browser does not support Websockets or your browser does […]

HTML5 Client: Using two languages

February 23, 2014 fabien

Firstly you need to decide which language you want to have by default. The browsers actually never report set keyboard language, the browser reports only […]